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I suggest you stand tall, click your heels, and salute your shorts.

tinker bell
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I'm a 23 years old nut job living in Fayetteville, NC. My home however is in Mobile, Alabama. I'm usually cracked out on coffee & I swear like a sailor. I'm also married to most perfect person in the whole world (other than myself of course ;) ) And the majority of my posts are probably going to be about him. I'm also a server at Red Lobster. I love my job & the posts that aren't about my man are about work. Other than that it's a pretty standard journal. Me, my day, my friends & whatever drama seems to be consuming my life this week kinda thing. Feel free to add me as a friend, but my entries will probably be like every other friends' you have.

There are few things in life as uncomfy as a fence up your crack. -Moi

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Tinkerbell is Enchanting Love

America is Love

By - evilqueen_

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The true love of my life, Oogie. She's my black pomeranian puppy.
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